How does a QR code work?

When QR codes were first invented, they were only being used in the automotive manufacturing industry. The use of QR codes has however expanded as QR codes are now being used in broader fields. The steady and rapid increase use of these QR codes can be credited to their reliability and their user-friendliness.

QR codes appear as black modules that are placed on a white background. What is meant by modules here is square dots that can be seen on QR codes. These modules or square dots are the ones that are scanned using the smartphone camera or QR code scanner apps as they are the ones that carry all the data.

Performing Different Tasks

QR codes are now being used to perform different tasks, for example, opening URLs, composing emails, displaying text, adding a vCard, liking a Facebook page, etc. QR codes are readily available and they are also very easy to generate with the help of a reliable QR code generator.

How QR Codes Work

In summary, QR codes work like encoding a URL into a hyperlink in a text. The URL in the hyperlink is equated to the content of the QR code encoded. Then, the user can scan the code and be directed to the content that it holds, whether it be a website, an image, or a video. 

But there is more to Visualead QR codes that meets the eye. QR codes can also have a phone number, an SMS, an e-mail message, contact information or rich text. Once the code is scanned, it will respond by opening to the corresponding application to handle the encoded data. 

The Possibilities Are Endless

Contrary to how QR codes were used when they were first invented, the usage of these codes has expanded by leaps and bounds. Using our API solution, QR codes can still be used in tracking inventory, for shipping and logistics and even online ticketing. Businesses place these codes on flyers, posters and other advertising materials.

QR codes can also be used for social purposes. People use these codes to send friendly messages to loved ones or to redirect to their social network sites where people can send friend requests. These are just a few ways of using QR codes. The possibilities are endless.
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