What's the difference between Direct Visual QR Code and Dynamic Visual QR Code?

You may have different reasons why you want to generate QR codes. Some of you might be creating them for personal reasons, such as using your contact information to share with others. There are also users who might want to create QR codes for their businesses.

In Visualead, there are two types of codes that you can create -- the Direct Visual QR Code and the Dynamic Visual QR Code -- depending on your purpose. Let's get to know each of them a bit better:

Direct Visual QR Code

Although Visualead’s default QR Code technology is Dynamic Visual QR Codes, many people are still interested in Direct codes. There are some important things to know about Direct codes:

  • Dynamic editing and analytics are not present
  • May only be used to create codes whose destination is a URL, including social media links
  • URL is limited to 72 characters, including pre-fixes such as http:// 
  • Direct Download Credits are used to create these codes

These credits are part of the Advanced or Premium subscriptions or can be purchased separately from a subscription through your dashboard.
Dynamic Visual QR Code

Dynamic QR Codes are QR Codes in which a shortened URL is the only code that is embedded physically into the codes, leaving more leeway for pixel rearrangement and design. When scanned, the destination is accessed via the shortened URL.

Another important use for Dynamic QR Codes is the ability to collect analytics. When a business decides to use QR Codes in a marketing campaign, it’s important to track how successful the code is and who is scanning it. This crucial information (such as how many times the code has been scanned, popular scan locations/days and so on) is critical for assessing the success of your campaign.
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