What are some of the designs I can create?

Using the Visualead platform, there are endless options for increasing your users' engagement with your design. We believe that by creating Visual QR codes, our clients have the chance to transform their QR Code into a personalized, vibrant symbol of their business which their customers can use to make the leap from offline to the online world. 

You can choose a design from the many available in Visualead's gallery of images. These include popular brands like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Other design options also include graphics and icons of relevant images for each of the data types. For instance, the Coupon QR code will work best if you select a Visualead ready-made design that pertains to an icon that shows a discount coupon. 

Check out various QR code designs made by other Visualead users in order to get ideas and inspiration when designing your QR codes.




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