What is QR code design?

QR Code design is about turning any design, or any part of a design, into a QR Code. QR Codes are the most effective way to lead people  online, but their unappealing and technical appearance makes it hard for people to want to scan them. 

QR Code design is about creating QR codes that communicate with the human customer and not merely with machines. It’s a revolutionary change in our perception of QR Codes - no more looking at QR Codes as:

  • Black and white, monochromatic
  • Regular scans 
  • Content not optimized for mobile
  • Ineffective lead generation

Creating QR codes with Visualead opens you to a world of possibilities, with these benefits:

  • Branded, creative, effective
  • 50%-400% more scans 
  • Mobile optimized content
  • X2 more leads and social engagements
Users don't want to scan a code, they want to interact and be engaged.  Whether the goal is to explore great digital content, to receive a valuable coupon or discount or even to engage in a social conversation, all things are possible with Visualead QR codes. 
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