What can I find in the Gallery?

Visualead does it differently in the way QR codes are presented, and the Gallery is a significant page where you can go ahead and get started with creating these codes. The image gallery has all the designs that you need for various purposes. 

It is filled with images, icons, artworks, and other designs that you can use when designing your Visualead QR code. You can choose any image from our gallery and use it to design the code. 

Social media icons 

Within the collection are logos and icons of famous social media networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter that can match whatever data type you are using in relation to these categories. 

Profile icons

Since many of the QR code categories on Visualead are used to share personal information such as names, addresses, email addresses, job titles, and others for business cards, vCards, and identification cards, there are also images that are suitable for these purposes. 

Holiday icons

Some QR codes are also in the form of text, videos, SMS, and other media that are more leaning toward personal use, such as when greeting someone for their birthday or congratulation someone for their win. In line with this, Visualead has prepared holiday-themed images that can be embedded into the QR codes. 

Upload your own image

If, for any reason, you see that the Visualead gallery does not provide what you need, then we have found a solution for you. Aside from the stock images that we have, users can also upload their own image to be embedded in the QR code. Just click on the "Upload Your Image" button above the gallery. Remember that there are guidelines and specifications for these images. 
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