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Use your Visual QR code to collect valuable information from the people who are scanning your QR code by designing a comfortable Form QR code for them to use. Simply create the relevant fields that you're interested in and whoever scans your QR Code will be redirected to the form you've created when they scan the code. The platform gives way for many possibilities that you can use with forms. As Visualead prepares a pre-formatted title and content box, you can use these codes for surveys, data sheets, and more. 

When they click submit, the information they've entered into the form will be sent to your email. This is a simple and elegant way to keep track of information.
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    Marissa Jauregui

    When I submit the form I get a message that says

    Please scan the QR code another time.

    But it should display the after form submission message that I indicated when I set up the form. Please help me ensure my QR code is working properly.


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    Hi Marissa,
    Sorry you're having trouble. Can you please send the QR code in question to

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