All In One QR code

One of the features that sets Visualead apart from others is our All In One QR code. When you need one-stop access to more information, you can choose the All In One QR code, which offers two or more destination options when scanned.
You don't need to create separate QR codes for your phone numbers, email addresses and social media pages because the code can handle more than one piece of information. Just like creating other QR code types, simply enter as many details in the fields provided. Select the icon on the right side of the screen. For example, once the Facebook icon is selected, you will be asked to provide your Facebook URL.

When creating your All-in-One QR Code, simply choose the two or more destinations from the following: Facebook Profile (directs to a Facebook profile page), Twitter Follow (subscribes scanners to your Tweets), Google Plus (directs to a Google Plus profile page), LinkedIn (directs to a LinkedIn profile page), Google Maps Waypoint (opens a location in Google Maps), SMS (sends an SMS to a specified phone number), Compose Email (opens a “compose email” box addressed to a specific email address) and Phone Number (calls the phone number that you have specified).
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