How do I design the QR code?

QR code design

QR code design pertains to how one turns a design, or a section in the design -- the image, the code dots, or shapes -- into a QR code. The usual and the most common style of these codes is the black and white ones, usually in various shapes of four sides or squares. However, due to the demand for QR codes in different uses, there is a need to upgrade and improve these designs so they will look more appealing to other people. 

With Visualead, QR codes are now beyond "boring" graphics.  They are more vibrant, eye-catching calls-to-action for users to see and experience the world that transcends the boundaries of offline and online content. The design enables users to engage with the creation, not just a cluster of black and white dots. 

Design features

Choosing the QR code data type is one feature, not to mention selecting an image from the gallery or uploading your own. However, Visualead also has amazing design features that enable users to further customize the appearance of their codes. Use the toolbar to edit these features.


How to design the QR code

Visualead allows users to turn any design into a QR code. First, you have to register for a Visualead account. Once done, simply follow the following steps. 

1. Choose your design

The platform offers a wide array of images to choose when creating your QR code. You can upload your own image, in the following formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF. Alternatively, you can choose a design from the stock options available which include logos of popular brands such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. 

2. Customize your design

Once the image has been uploaded, you will be directed to a new page where you can customize your design. It includes modifications on the positioning and shapes of the dots, squares, or circles. It also lets you add more effects. 

Simply click the "Create QR code" button on top to generate a preview of your QR code. As soon as you are satisfied with your creation, click "Next." You will then be directed to a new page of your final QR code ready for download. 
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