How easy is it to use Visualead's QR code generator?

Not all images are created in such a way that you want them to be. Have you ever been on the dilemma of dealing with images in low pixels, otherwise known as "pixelated photos"? This is only one of the most common issues users like you encounter when it comes to images. 

Now that there is a QR code generator like Visualead that will provide you with high-quality images along with the codes, you might be asking about the resolution of these images. The platform has prepared a gallery of items that match the way you want your QR codes to appear. So how easy is it to use Visualead's QR code generator?

Four easy steps

On looking for the right QR code generator, you are certainly particular about ease of use. True enough, some applications around might have the jargon and all the technicalities that might be difficult for the users to understand. We don't have them here at Visualead. What we have are four easy steps that you can follow to create QR codes even without the expertise needed. Some even say that they can be generated within just a few minutes. 

1. Select QR code type

Select what you want your QR Code to do, enter existing URL, or create a new mobile page 

2. Design QR code 

Upload any image or select a template design from our awesome gallery 
3. Print QR code 

Print your Visual QR Code on your marketing materials and start engaging with your customers.
4. Manage your campaign 

Track and manage the performance of your QR Codes with API integration and analytics. 

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