Analytics and keeping track of users who scan the QR codes

Now that you've got a QR code ready, plus an opportunity to share it with the community, how about tracking people who scan the code? Visualead says yes to that. With the platform's comprehensive analytics feature, every user is always ahead when it comes to monitoring users that have scanned them. 

How it works
In your Dashboard, press "Analytics" on any given QR Code design. This will open the analytics pop-up window that displays various analytics information about your QR Code design. The analytics information that appears will include how many, where and when people have scanned your code and more.

Other features

Aside from these, the Visualead analytics, opening the analytics pop-up for a certain QR code will display four main analytics about your QR Code design: 
  • the total number of scans that your QR Code has received
  • the distribution of the number of scans per day
  • the location on a geographical map (city level) where your QR Code was scanned
  • which mobile devices were used to scan your QR Code

You may also select a specific date range to view. 
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