What are the features in each of these packages?

Using Visualead entails no sign-up fees, no cancellation fees, and we even offer our valued customers with a 30-day money back guarantee, so your entire experience won't be compromised. Here are the features in the packages that we offer. 

The free package is perfect for those just starting out, or those who might want to go into a little exploration within the platform before plunging into the real deal. Even in the free package alone, you get tons of amazing benefits. 

With no fees to be paid, you can get 3 QR codes or active QR codes in the campaigns that you manage. Furthermore, you can also gain access to up to 500 scans. Now that's huge, but wait until you hear the rest of the free package features. Also available are Visual QR codes, mobile landing pages, advanced QR code effects, and animations. 


Recommended for start-ups and those managing a growing business, the basic package gives you 5 active QR codes for your campaigns with up to 1,000 scans, Visual QR codes, mobile landing pages, and advanced QR code effects, as well as animations. 

Moreover, your QR codes are open for editing and you will be provided with advanced scans analytics. These codes will be ad-free with the basic package, which means no Visualead brands will be displayed. 


The advanced package is touted as the most popular. Subscribers will be given 50 QR codes for campaigns, and with unlimited scans. The features in the basic package are all in, except that animations can go beyond just those provided in the Gallery as long as they are within 0.5 Mb, and a maximum of 10 frames. 

It does not stop there. Mobile pages are now ad-free with this package and Vector formats are available. You are also given with 2 direct codes every month.


Still looking for more? Then the premium package might be all that you need. It's the best value plan that can give you everything that you require for whatever purpose your QR codes will be used. You get 150 QR codes for your campaigns and unlimited scans. 

Animations can range up to 15 frames and up to 1 Mb. A total of 5 direct codes will be made available just for you every month and all the features of the previous packages mentioned are already in. But unlike the rest of the packages, the premium subscription will let you extract analytics reports. 

Visit the pricing page of Visualead for more information. 
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