How do I cancel my account?

When you cancel your account or subscription, your Visual QR Code limits will be reduced to three and your Direct Credits will be reduced to zero. 

For your convenience, all your existing Visual QR Codes will keep working, configured as free Visual QR Codes. If you wish to get credits, enable more active ads-free Visual QR Codes or access effective tools and features, feel free to visit and repurchase your plan or a different one.

If you still wish to cancel your account, all you have to do is log in to Visualead, go to your Dashboard and press Setting. Scroll down the page to find the Settings button. 
In the Settings page, your purchases are on the right and you can choose to cancel whichever you wish. 

Please contact us with feedback and if you have any trouble canceling or any questions. You may also submit a ticket via Visualead Support or reach out to our Help Center. 
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